Mark has been involved with Genealogical research for over 10 years with a focus on Spanish, and Latin American research.

Mark is a 19th generation Spaniard with deep roots in both the Northern and Central provinces of Spain. He has lived and traveled extensively throughout all of Spain and brings his knowledge of history and geography to every project he works on.

As a direct decedent of Alfonso II, King of Aragon, he has done seminal research on, and has produced an extensive report on Alfonso II’s genealogy that begins in Aragon, Spain and extends to the Scandinavian countries, the Byzantine Empire, and throughout Europe, from the United Kingdom to Russia, resulting in a family tree of over 3,500 individuals.

Mark brings his passion for research to each and every project that he works on, from the identification of a single historic document (such as a birth certificate) to the creation of a family tree.

His specialties are in Latin American, Basque and Spanish genealogy.

He is a member of:
Association of Professional Genealogists
Genealogical Society of Hispanic America
National Genealogical Society

In addition to general research, Mark is also the founder of Historic Tours of Spain that focuses on providing a memorable and unique tour experience of Spain. Historic Tours Of Spain specializes in escorting individuals to the cities and towns of their Spanish ancestors with customized visits to the locations where their ancestors lived and worked. He and his team create tailored itineraries based on the research of your family lineage that invites you to WALK THE PATH OF THE LOCALS.