“We were blown away! …. the piece of information we had been missing was our adopted Mother’s maiden name and you not only gave us that but her mother’ s name as well!” — Kristin

“How important is knowing your past.  To me, the information was important, but it meant being able to join an organization I wanted to join.  PPP was great.  Confirming heritage was important but the additional benefit was learning about my family, who there were and what they did.  Thank you, PPP” — Chaplain Royal Society of St. George.

I have been very happy with the work PPP has done to help me with my ancestry search. I could not have done it without PPP. They are amazing!! — Priscilla

“I can’t thank you enough for your help in discovering our family history. Learning about where our ancestors were located, and the history of the time period gives me better insight into understanding who I am and why my family is where we are today. It’s all connected!” — Adrienne

“You’ve been upfront, honest and I respect you greatly for the transparency and for your integrity.” — Jayson

I highly recommend PPP for those needing any level of assistance with their genealogical research. PPP has done timely, top-quality work for me. They patiently helped me when I was learning to do genealogical research 10 years ago. Since then, I have periodically contracted her to do a wide variety of tasks, such as conducting research on dead ends in my tree and checking the adequacy of the support that I have found for adding ancestors. They are very familiar with a wide variety of databases.  — Jack